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Why is a default domain important?

Implementing a default domain correctly ensures the website remains qualitatively strong. After all, the website can only be loaded in 1 way and the website pages can only be found at 1 address. If the default domain hasn't been implemented according to predetermined rules, the website pages can be found at different addresses by the search engines. This results in duplicated content, which is strictly speaking against search engine regulations and can therefore lead towards a lower ranking of the page in the search engine results.

Incorrect implementation of the a default domain can also bring about interruptions in the user experience. For example, a cookie to log in is usually placed on a domain name. This means that visitors can be logged in on www.checkdefaultdomain.com, but is redirected during navigation to checkdefaultdomain.com, where they have to go through the log in process once more.

The incorrect configuration of a default domain may also cause disruptions to the statistics of the website. Statistics are sometimes registered by domain name, meaning that the visitor can be registered double in the statistics of www.checkdefaultdomain.com and checkdefaultdomain.com.

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